Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm telling on myself and that sometimes is a little painful but maybe helpful to understand. I don't recognize what I do as necessarily bad. It is what I do. Who I am. I'm not sure what it is called but maybe I will name it by the end of the post or maybe some Psychiatrist who reads this can leave a comment telling me the name. They may also tell me that it is really bad and leads to even worse behavior. Do I have your undivided attention yet?

What I do is go overboard. When I get interested in something I get very interested. Its almost hard to think of any thing else. I spend a lot of time thinking about the interest, researching the interest, shopping for the interest, and practicing the interest. I stay up late at night sometimes searching for whatever it takes to scratch the itch. I may even sneak a peak during work although its pretty hard between the phone and walk-ins. If it requires and item (which it usually does) it has to be just right. It has to look right and feel right. Feel right to me. Not necessarily physically right although that is required usually, but feel right emotionally and mentally.

Some of the things I recognize this behavior in are as follows;
Western Hat
Hunting dogs
A boat that morphed into a Motorcycle
exercise equipment
Golf equipment
Remodeling and decorating my apartment
Numerous work related interests

My latest interest is handguns. I have a burning desire for the perfect 45 automatic and the expert operation of same. Its been going on for about three weeks. It started with a little interest and has now turned into "My Current Quest". I wonder how long this will last.

Problems I am encountering are finding the right one refereed to above, a lot of out of stock and back ordered prospects, a very short supply of ammunition, a place to practice, time to practice and a touch of guilt over the realization of just what I'm posting about.

I think the problem is balance or short attention span or maybe I have just never found that one thing I can get good enough at to stick with.

FACT OR FICTION....Did Nancy Pelosi learn about the interrogation methods during the briefing session she attended? She says she did not. Others say she knew and was concerned if they were doing enough.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

America, Turn It Off

How can you know fact from fiction? Sometimes its easy because you know the truth. You have experienced the real thing. You saw it with your own eyes, felt it with your own hands, smelled it with your own nose(Carrrrool), or talked directly to the source. But too often we depend on what someone else tells us. And too often that is a variation of the truth or just an out and out lie.
It is really sad that we cant trust the people responsible for governing our country. We cant trust the people reporting the news. We cant trust people running the banks, corporations, non-profit organizations and on and on and on and on. They exaggerate, add to, hold back, mislead, and lie to further their agendas. They tell little white lies to protect their jobs, investments, or political parties. There are things that we don't need to know, but don't lie to me to conceal the truth or protect me from the truth or to further your interests. If you don't have a truth to tell, you got NOTHING of interest to me.
Once upon a time we could depend on most reporters of the news to tell us the truth I think. Today most will not. I'm not sure if they deliberately lie or if they just don't take the time to learn the truth. Maybe the truth is just not news worthy. Its not exciting, dynamic, attention getting. It doesn't agree with the popular opinion. It doesn't make them MONEY.

As for me, I'm going to turn them off.

So if you know the truth and think I should know, email, call, visit, fax, or send it by pony express.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

All of the guys in the upper right hand corner would already have settled the Somali pirate hostage situation. Probably without harming the Captain. John Wayne would have had Navy Seals in the water around the Life Boat and when the Captain bailed they would have torched the "Bad Guys".

Any big City S.W.A.T. team would have resolved the situation by now. The team leaders know their jobs. They are well trained. They are results oriented. They are pretty much left alone to handle the events they encounter and they do the job. Do you think we have teams in the U.S. Navy who are trained to handle these situations? I wonder why they haven't put an end to the standoff? Must have their hands tied either by a politician who is afraid his record or approval rating may be tarnished or concern over the media portrayal of how it is handled.

I seem to remember the politician waiting on certain islamic religious periods to end before initiating an offensive in the Iraqi wars. (Not Bush) I wonder if the politician is waiting on the easter religious period to end before reacting. No wait... That cant be it because We are not a christian nation and so easter doesn't matter anyway. ( It really doesn't because Celebrating Christ and understanding what he did for his people is Everyday. The holiday is not important and meaningless to a believer, but what a slap in the face of every works based religionist.)

We have become so concerned over doing things right that we forget to do the right things. The pirates must be stopped. This cant continue. They will only understand death and injury and failure as deterrents. They have experienced the U.S. gov. lack of resolve already and probably are counting on us to blink first. We have to do the right thing. That thing that is principled, with broad based, long lasting results. As I say this however, another idea comes to mind. We might include the pirates in on the Stimulus package and then when the guy in charge of the life boat doesn't do what congress and the pres. wants they can replace the head bad guy with someone who would toe the line.