Saturday, January 20, 2007


8:30 A.M. Sat. morning in Amarillo Texas.

This is great!!! We have been sitting around trying to come up with fun things to do. Carol suggested we get a sled and tie it on to the pick-up and pull Mason thru the "Hood". I told her I didn't think that would be too safe. He might get slung off and break his collar bone or something.
I suggested we bundle up and go for a bike ride. She didn't think the tires would roll too good. I suggested we tie a bike to the bumper and I could pull her around town.

We wont use this bike. It's the new
one. I wouldn't want to mess it up.

It was a pretty expensive bike and I might be able to ride it this Summer.

We can use this one. It's my old one and it won't matter too much if it gets messed up. It didn't cost too much. Besides I will be able to ride the other one this Summer.

This is the neighbor from across the street. She likes to shovel snow. She does a very good job. There are several old people living on our block and she shovels everyones sidewalks.

I'm going to need to go get some gum after while. Sure hopes she gets mine shoveled before I go.

If she doesn't make it maybe I can get this boy to do it.
Changing the subject.
I read a little about Ted Kennedy this morning. The story I read was about he and another Democratic Senator attempting to work with the Soviet Union in 1983. The other Senator was Tunney. It seems Kennedy had the idea that they could team up with Russia and cast doubt about President Regan by portraying him as a "Warmonger" and the Soviet's as desiring to peaceably co-exist. They were going to get media to play this up and hurt Regan's chances for re-election. Needless to say it didn't work. The story is being looked into and when there is more evidence that it is true I will share that. Interesting isn't it.
Well time to hook up the bike. I'll also bring a report on that later.
Carol, OH CAROL!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. What an organization. I always assumed they were an organization that would help animals in trouble. That they were an animals friend.
Think again. When asked to help feed and rescue the animals caught in the storms in Colorado they declined. They took the position that sense the animals were going to end up on someones plate anyway why should they help. Why should they help ease the animals suffering. Why indeed. Just another case of people with a cause that only serves there own selfish interests. They can play on peoples emotions to raise money for their so called concern over animal welfare but when it comes to parting with some of that money to really help ease the animals situation they show their true colors. The Governor of Colorado termed them a "Bunch of Losers" and then said, "don't give your money to PETA". I second that motion.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I got a little carried away yest and expressed my opinion a little too strong. I do get very frustrated with the political rhetoric. Something is wrong when most people who run for this office are such poor leaders. I know I'm biased. But its more than that. I look at who the Democrats are bringing to the race and they just all so miss the mark. They might be OK to serve on a small town City Council but not to run this country. They are so Political. All they work for is to get on the opposite side of any issue. The republicans are not a lot better.

We have too much at stake in this Country today to be so partisan. We have troops in harms way and rather than try to make the right decisions they really are only concerned about pouring water and doubt on the other parties actions. Rather than do what it takes to win a war they are only worried about what position it takes for them to get re-elected. You would think that should reflect the so called Will of the People but don't make that mistake.
As a people we are soft in the belly, soft in the head. We want what we want and we want it now. If we can get it easy and quick it doesn't matter how we do it. If it gets hard and takes awhile we don't want to exert the effort. We will move on to something that is easy and quick.

It really is a long time to election day. Those who are serious about the state of affairs will probably be buying new televisions in the next few years. They will probably throw a brick through the one they currently have.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Presidential Campaign

I'm already ill and this thing is not even started yet. I wish these idiots could be held accountable for all the Hot Air they put out. They make a speech and then spend the next several weeks explaining that they really didn't mean what we heard them say. They see which way the wind blows and then twist and squirm and out right lie to try to seemingly have said what they perceive the wind whispered back. These are the candidates for the highest office in this land. Maybe even a sadder note is that these people are currently making laws and policies in the Senate and House or are other leaders elected to lead this land.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I am reading a Mark Twain book "Roughing It". I really like his style of writing. He tells lots of stories within the story in this book. The other night I was reading and began laughing. I laughed hard enough that I'm sure my neighbors next door heard and wondered what kind of party I was having. I laughed hard enough that I got tears in my eyes. He told a story that I was able to visualize the scene in my mind and it was just hilarious. I must have associated it with something in my past because I could feel and even hear the picture that was in my mind.
Some people have such a talent of story telling. Wish I did.
My Grand-dad Kizziar could tell stories. We would go to his house and my Dad would get him started by asking about old "So-in-So" or "What about such-in-such". He would tell stories then until we left. I wish I could remember them or that we would have recorded some of them.
"Roughing It" was Clemens 2nd book. I think he wrote 11. I have read 4 so far. Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Pudd'nhead Wilson and now Roughing It.
I think I will try to find The Innocents Abroad next.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Best

This has been the best Holiday time. I don't know why really other than it has just been very enjoyable.

It started with Thanksgiving at Tyler. The Cowboys game Mason and I went to was great and then the meal at Rudy's and Glenda's was really nice. It was just a very pleasant time.

Christmas was fun. Jocelyne surprised us by coming home from Austin. We had fun at Gruver. We were able to talk to Charlie a little about sovereign Grace. I had thought he had no interest in discussing what we believe and then found out that he is really searching and undecided about his faith. It was a lot of fun I thought at our house on Christmas day. Carol cooked a great meal and I enjoyed the fellowship with our (Grown-up Children) and watching Corbin play with the Nerf Gun he got for his present. We went bowling later in the day and that was fun.

Now it is New Years day 2007. I think it is going to be a great year.