Saturday, December 26, 2009

Beginning to seem a lot like Christmas past

It is December 26th, and Christmas 2009 is history. I think it went well as Christmas's go. We spent Christmas Eve in Gruver with my side of the family and then Christmas day in Amarillo with our kids. Gifts were fun, finger food was tasty, Carol beat me bowling, the girls beat the boys in the scavenger hunt and I went to sleep during the movie. It just doesn't get much better than that. See you next Christmas.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


I wish to let John and Mary know how much I enjoyed Thanksgiving.

It was really a nice time. The meal was great. The time we had to visit and catch up with family and friends was awesome. Your place is so comfortable and lends itself to such a gathering. But as a sometimes planner of meetings and meals, myself, I know how much hard work goes into such an event and I want to say how much I enjoyed the event but how much more I appreciate all the work that you two put into making it a really memorable time. Y'all always go the extra mile and take care of all the details that make our gatherings really special.

I don't know how John will equal the ride in Ronnie's truck next year but I'm waiting with great anticipation.

Thank you both a lot.

In addition to our Tyler time I must also thank our hostess in Austin. Thank you Jocelyne for giving up your bed and for the great "Austin" experiences we have each time we visit. Did you get your pulls installed on the desk?
Love you and will see you soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Important or Not?

A job making lots of money?
A cool shady place when its hot?
A vacation in the south of France?
Some one to show you the way?
A dependable car with 4-wheel drive in a snow storm?
A room with a view?
Someone to talk to?
A 280 yd drive on a 395 yd par 4?
A knife in a gun fight?
A pardon when you know you're guilty?
A cow with horns?
Four legs instead of three?
A white flag?
Pictures on the wall?
A visit with a friend when you laugh till you get tears?
A flat and a spare tire?
Being chosen first or last?
My will or thy will?
A key when the door is unlocked?
A flyswatter in winter?
A cup of coffee with your daughter?
Bridges in the desert?
A good probation officer?
The right hat?
The right boots?
Sheep or goats?
A song from your past?
Patience with a dog?
Able to put your socks on standing up?
A blog?
Who gets the glory?
Water in a dry land?
The right tool?
Making the right choice?
Draft or can?
Stepping stones?
Hunting trips?
A fast horse?
An ice scraper in August?
An alarm clock?
Always being right?

Monday, November 09, 2009


Galatians 5:1-5
1. Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. 2. Behold I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing. 3. For I testify again to every man that is circumcised, that he is a debtor to do the whole law. 4. Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

Our nature is to work for what we get. We have been taught that all our lives. If we pleased our parents as little children we got rewarded. If we studied we got good marks and gold stars by our names and passed to the next grade level. If we practiced our band instruments we moved closer to first chair or maybe even first chair of that instrument. As adults the efforts we put in our jobs usually are rewarded by advancements, raises or bonuses. It is ingrained in our nature to work to please someone or to get a reward.

Christ is our righteousness. He is ALL our righteousness. Christ was circumcised and by accepting circumcision he accepted also to do the whole law. He did the whole law so that we who could not could be justified as if we had. There is no more need for us to keep the law, He did it for us and now sits at the right hand of God as our mediator. He declares continuously to God that we are justified in Him because of what he did. He declares continuously to God that we have satisfied all the requirements because He satisfied all the requirements for us. And God is pleased with the work of Christ. I still sometimes get caught up in my nature to work for something better. To get the blessing, to please God, to avoid trials and tribulations. How pitiful God must see my efforts to add to what Christ my saviour did. Look to Christ!

I went to Kansas City last week. I really enjoyed the meetings and getting to know the cattle industry from some different perspectives. I went out to eat at the Hereford House and had a great steak and a very nice glass of red wine. Weather was great but didn't get to see much from the hotel meeting rooms. They've got some pretty little women there but none as pretty as the one I had at Home. It was good to get back.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Much Accomplished

2 Peter 3:9
The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

People use this verse to say that the Lord wants all to repent and receive salvation. Taken in context and considering who Peter is writing to helps to explain the purpose and meaning. He is writing to believers as depicted by the address in the first chapter verse one and also at the beginning of the third chapter when he calls the ones addressed "Beloved". Then in 3:9 he says that the Lord is longsuffering to us-ward, (those he is writing to) not willing that any (of them) should perish, and that all (of them) should come to repentance. This would apply to all believers but should not be used to infer that God will or that he desires the salvation of any outside of those he chose in Christ before the foundation of the world.

We had a very full week-end. Carol and I had a very nice time attending the Golden Spur award ceremony in Lubbock. Each year a rancher is chosen to receive this award and this year a rancher from Nebraska was honored. We had a great meal, good fellowship with old friends in the cattle business and Carol bought a nice jacket in the silent auction. Our hotel was nice and comfortable and we had a good drive too and from Lubbock
Sunday we went to Corbins ballgame and then all the guys went and shot sporting clays. The clays won unfortunately. We were all pretty rusty. Corbin did hit one which is pretty good considering it was only the second time he had shot a shotgun.
Carol and I, mostly I mowed the grass late Sunday evening.
We will be seeing a lot of Lubbock as we are returning there next week-end to attend the Tech/A&M game. Hope the weather is nice.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nagging Feelings

Ephesians 2:10
For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

What does this verse mean to you? Does it point to your duty to identify good works to do in order to please God? Does it point to God's work in you to accomplish his purposes?

They are interpreted each way depending on who you put your trust. Who gets the Glory?

I had a good week-end. Lilly and I were home alone. Carol was in Tyler visiting her Family.
It was drizzly both days and limited what I could do. I visited my hunting stores and other shops I like. Sunday, Mason and Me had breakfast and Church and a good visit. I watched football and golf the rest of the day. I noticed a nagging discomfort most of the day. I finally discovered what that was. I was missing my Wife.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Don't have One

Oh! sweet grace, blessed grace!
"For it is by grace you have been saved." Ephesians 2:8

We are saved by grace . . . free grace, rich grace, sovereign grace, distinguishing grace—without one atom of works, without one grain of creature merit, without anything of the flesh. Oh! sweet grace, blessed grace! Oh! what a help—what a strength—what a rest for a poor toiling, striving, laboring soul—to find that grace has done all the work—to feel that grace has triumphed in the cross of Christ—to find that . . . nothing is required, nothing is needed, nothing is to be done! J.C. Philpot

The leaves are changing in the Panhandle of Texas. Im ready for the change. I love the Fall up here. The Winter worries me because of the cattle and how it will effect them and our ability to take care of them, but it is necessary. We will have good days and bad but we will get thru them and make it to Spring.

We will.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We made it. Started from Amarillo this morn. at 9:30, flew to Dallas, then to Sacramento, Ca.
We drove down toward Yosemite National park but had to turn around to find a room. We are at Sonora Ca. and Carol is trying to get her computer to connect so she can do payroll from here tomorrow. There will be a bunch of Mad people in Ama and Granbury if she cant. I will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I posted about Dad in February 2007. He had been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and his Dr.'s were not too encouraging. He recieved chemotherapy which made his hair very thin and he lost a lot of weight. He now takes a pill which was originally hard for him to adjust to. It caused a lot of nausea and other complications. He worried that he couldn't take it, thinking it would give him protection from the cancer returning. After awhile he learned how to eat on the days he took the pill and he has done very well sence.

He has gained his weight back plus a little excess. He drives his truck, working about as much as he wants and needs to. The tests the Dr. runs have all shown his lungs and the rest of his body free from cancer. We all kind of hold our breaths when it is time to test but so far the results couldn't be better.

He and I went to two Texas Rangers games about a month ago. We had really good seats three rows up from the opponents (Seatle) dugout, we both had a great time.

I love you Dad and Im glad you are doing so well.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pot calling the kettle blaaa---whiii or something like that

Our President says he is ready for a fight on his proposed changes to the financial institution's rules. He says "It's no coincidence that the lack of strong consumer protections led to abuses against consumers," he said. "The lack of rules to stop deceptive lending practices led to abuses against borrowers." His solution will be more regulations and involvement in business that the Government cannot do any thing constructive in. Government can only hinder free enterprise.

It was not deceptive lending practices that led to the melt down of the lending markets, it was a rule to force loans to borrowers with no down payment and no way to repay the loan.
Who made the rules again that allowed, even caused the lending of money for houses that people should never have been allowed to buy? I think it was Congress and I even think it was the Congress in Clinton's administration that did it. Seems to me that Barney Franks and Chris Dodd had something or other to do with it. That's what I understand. I'm not giving the Republicans a pass because many supported and voted for the legislation. I can understand mistakes. I make plenty myself. I have to suffer the consequences, however, but these guys never even admit the MISTAKE.

The article I read gave me the impression that Mr. Obama was trying to warn the opposition not to oppose the change. Not to question his decisions. He wants to put in place a "Watch Dog Org." to monitor and control practices. Oh Brother, Big Brother. Kind of gave me the creeps. It resembles a little the Religious leader in Iran telling the people challenging the election that they better stop or there will be Hell to pay.

I think in a democracy the chief of all chiefs should be promoting debate and welcoming other opinions and ideas in order to find the most effective solutions.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dig In and do something.

By the end of the year our Country will have the biggest deficit in history. The Government will be involved in major Company's in ways it has never been in history. It appears we may be trying to provide more entitlements than we have in the history of our Country. We are moving away from Old Allies and making moves toward relations with other Countries who appear to only want our destruction and the destruction of other democratic peoples. Our unemployment is approaching 10% and where I sit in agriculture the recession is deepening and demand for our product continues to slip. We have Feeding businesses closing and many more doing only half as much as a year ago. Feedlots must remain well above half capacity to break-even so it is speculated that many more will be in trouble and closing after this turn of cattle. I hear smart people saying that the stock market will take another major drop within the year. I'm pretty concerned and I guess my concern shows up in my blog.

I don't hate Obama, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic controlled House and Senate, Homosexuals or even the other activist groups, but I'm very concerned that their agendas are going to take our Great Country to places we may not get back from in my life time or may be ever. I know the economy is not the fault of the current administration but I believe there are better ways to try to fix it.

General Motors did a poor job managing their business. The unions helped make them uncompetitive. Businesses that fail to manage their business need to fail. Other businesses see their mistakes, see the consequences of those mistakes and they learn from them. They make the necessary changes to be successful and all benefit. I predict GM will never recover to the degree they can contribute to the automobile industry or the Country. They should have failed and allowed the process to work.

We truly need to get back to sound principles, morals and ethics. Too many times now decisions are based on self serving ideas. The two parties that govern our country are more worried about their popularity, or what they can get individually rather than doing what is best for the United States. This really frustrates and I guess, makes me angry.

There is much to learn about what is going on. I'm not sure what we can do and I'm not sure what we should do. I know one thing though. We must do something. We must learn what is going on, form an opinion of what is right and wrong and react to it. We have set too long letting the other person do what needs doing.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Original but Right

There are those that get a pass for saying anything that comes into their heads and out of their mouths. It can be sickeningly vulgar, utterly raciest, hate filled, violence promoting garbage and it is passed by the media and the so called enlightened liberal, almost unnoticed. Not only does the media and Liberal give them a pass, but We whom it offends and harms let it pass without comment or contest.

I understand the Media "Giving them a Pass". They agree with the underlying AGENDAS of the people they give the pass to. They, too, are sickeningly vulgar, utterly raciest, hate filled and they promote violence. The Media believes that it is OK for gay men and women to exchange the God created, God instituted, natural act of procreation for an unnatural, dirty, unhealthy, act of sexual gratification. The Media and those who agree with and believe the same, thinks it is OK for minorities to degrade, vilify, condemn, and slander the white majority. They will not recognize that as raciest. The Media agrees with those who think they are entitled to something others have worked for when they do nothing but sit around with their hand out. The Media agrees with those that believe they can and should restrict FREEDOM of others so long as it doesn't effect theirs. I understand the Media "Giving them a Pass". BUT WHY DO WE?

Why do We allow the killing of unborn children? Why do We allow the display and promotion of filthy, unnatural sexual activity? Why do We allow the taking of our hard earned money so it can be given to those who wont work? Why do We allow ourselves to be constantly accused of racism. Why do We allow the Media and Liberal a pass to lie, and slander good Men and Women who stand up for what is RIGHT and GOOD? Why do We allow God given, Constitution guaranteeing, FREEDOMS to be taken from us? Why do We?

I guess I don't know why. But you know, maybe why is not important. What is important is that we begin not allowing those things to go on uncontested. Please join with me in standing for something you are passionate about. You or I alone can't have much affect on what is getting a "Pass" but collectively WE CAN.

I sent the following to CBS in order to not allow David Letterman or CBS a "Pass" on a wrong he committed.

Because of Letterman’s comments regarding The Palin daughter I will not watch his show on CBS, or if he appears on any form of entertainment I may be watching I will turn it off. I will not view any CBS telecasts and will try to identify the products that advertise on the Letterman show and discontinue their use. Those comments, “jokes”, were not proper. I understand the Palin’s problem with them and any normal Mother or Father would feel the same.
Some of our most important freedoms in this country allow criticism in many forms applied to our opponents or those who disagree with us. Letterman crossed a line not clearly defined by those freedoms but which is clearly defined by moral and ethical adult behavior.
I now know he has nothing to offer as a person or an entertainer and I won’t waste my time again.

Bo Kizziar
Amarillo, Texas

I don't pretend to have an audience on my blog. Only a few people read it and I appreciate your comments when you do. If however, you find this one has merit and you agree with the idea and thoughts behind it, feel free to copy it and email to people you think might respond in not giving WRONG a "PASS".

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday, I had a list of activities I wanted to accomplish. I took each one, and even though I recognized a little push back from my lazy self each time I started, I persevered and finished what I wanted to. It was a good day. I felt accomplishment at the end of the day.
Why can't I always do that? Sometimes my lazy self wins out and I don't get anything I want to do done. I'm going to have to give this some thought and figure a way to win.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Im not as good as I once was.

But I'm as good, once, as I ever was.

The problem is time. If it's something that takes a good bit of time I run out of gas. I have roofed several houses over the last 20 years and it is usually hot work, hard on your back work, hard on your feet work, and hard on your hands work. In the past I have just put my mind to it and accepted the hard part and got er done. But this past week I roofed one of our rent houses and man it worked on me. It seems like the heat, constant bending, constant standing on an angle was about too much.

I really appreciate the help from Whitney, Clay, and Mason. Clay and I got it started last week-end. We worked on it one afternoon last week and then Mason, Whitney and I finished it. Clay made it over for the last hour.

I used to be the one that hated to take breaks. I wanted to keep working and get finished. Today, I took breaks and Mason was the one that kept working in order to get finished. Way to go Mason.

Im trying to fight off getting old but more and more the reality of 58 years is beating back my effort.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Be Careful America

I have been thinking for awhile about different factions of our population "Chinking away at their Agendas". Their true agendas would not be popular with the majority of the people and full blown frontal assaults would meet stiff resistance. I believe groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, P.E.T.A., Green Peace, certain feminist groups, gun control groups and Gay Rights activists have learned to take aim at small pieces of their agendas. They target pieces of the agenda that they can approach on a small locale or regional level. They can spend a lot of money in a specific area and not call National attention to the effort. If it does get out that they have a campaign going on in California, Colorado, Road Island, or some other state or county, we in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida or three counties over don't feel it effects us so we remain quiet and calm. They win and sometimes they loose but they remain very relentless and if we really take stock of what is going on, they are winning more than the rest of us very comfortable, it wont effect me, I will do something about that tomorrow Americans realize.

The 30 second soundbite is very effective in getting out just the right message that grabs even some well intentioned, well meaning people. The piece of their agenda is well represented but not so obvious and the 30 second soundbite takes an hour of detailed information to refute and shine the light on the reality of what will happen should they achieve their goals. Too many of us will not spend the hour to really understand the consequences or results of their winning.

We need to be careful. We need to be careful.

I think of the story about Lot. When the two angels came to his house and the men of Sodom demanded Lot to give them over. "And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them." I wonder how long it took Sodom to become such a place? I bet it was slow, a little at a time. First one morale was stepped on and then trodden under. A principle was eased for some special circumstance but then forgotten. It surely became more fashionable or enjoyable or more enlightened to do these unnatural things a little at a time. Morals and ethics and principles were "Chinked" away at until they were no more.

Be careful America. BE CAREFUL.

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I recognize that my mood swings from time to time. I'm not sure what causes the swings but probably a combination of physical, emotional, or external factors. Jocelyne and I have discussed at times how exercise positively effects our emotional feelings. I know things at work effect me and sometimes not bringing work home is just not and option. Especially with cell phones and computers.

Do you suppose animals have Moods? I think I am recognizing a mood in my little dog Lilly. Maybe mood is not the right terminology. She goes through phases. She can be very obedient, pleasant, and trustworthy but then that changes and she acts differently. She becomes more aggressive, gets into things, wets the floor etc.

This week she was a mess. Wednesday I was getting ready to go to bed. Prior to that I had been on the computer and the whole time she had wanted in my lap. I had the computer in my lap so there wasn't any room. She had made several attempts and finally stayed on the foot stool, with her feet on my legs, looking over and around the computer screen. About the time I was ready to get on the bed Lilly jumped up. I saw her hair coat needed brushing so I grabbed the brush off the headboard and began to brush. Guess what she did. She peed on my bed!
It got the comforter, both sheets and the mattress protector. I scolded her and put her outside as I changed and put the covers in the wash. Luckily I had other sheets but not another comforter. I found a moving blanket in the closet and used it to cover the half I slept on.

I let her back in but would not allow her on the bed. She slept in her crate. I could tell she was out of sorts the next morning but she tended to business as I left for work so assumed all was well. I had a lunch meeting so didn't go to the the apartment at noon. I stayed late that day and didn't get in until after dark. I thought she acted funny when I got there and sure enough right in front of the doggy door there was a huge pee spot. She must have held it all day to pee that much. I disciplined her ( although the people in the know would say it was too late) and made her stay outside all night. I put her crate out for her to sleep in. The temp was warm enough but not as comfortable as inside. It was damp and a little condensate had dripped on her crate blanket. When I opened the door she was standing outside the crate looking miserable.
I moved everything in and let her stay inside for the day. When I picked her up to come to Amarillo Friday evening all appeared well other than she had moved the wet blanket out of the crate. I was still a little put out with her and made her stay in the other seat all the way home.
I got a sandwich at Fritch and would usually share a little with her but because I wasn't liking her very much still I didn't. When we got home the rule is that she must take care of her biz before coming in the house. She would not go so she had to stay in the laundry room.

This morning when we got up guess what? She had peed in the laundry room. She knows better. I think she is punishing me.

Arlen Spector says he is switching because the republican party no longer matches up with his ideas and convictions. Is that the reason or is it because he is making deals to remain electable.
At 79 he should go HOME.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I'm telling on myself and that sometimes is a little painful but maybe helpful to understand. I don't recognize what I do as necessarily bad. It is what I do. Who I am. I'm not sure what it is called but maybe I will name it by the end of the post or maybe some Psychiatrist who reads this can leave a comment telling me the name. They may also tell me that it is really bad and leads to even worse behavior. Do I have your undivided attention yet?

What I do is go overboard. When I get interested in something I get very interested. Its almost hard to think of any thing else. I spend a lot of time thinking about the interest, researching the interest, shopping for the interest, and practicing the interest. I stay up late at night sometimes searching for whatever it takes to scratch the itch. I may even sneak a peak during work although its pretty hard between the phone and walk-ins. If it requires and item (which it usually does) it has to be just right. It has to look right and feel right. Feel right to me. Not necessarily physically right although that is required usually, but feel right emotionally and mentally.

Some of the things I recognize this behavior in are as follows;
Western Hat
Hunting dogs
A boat that morphed into a Motorcycle
exercise equipment
Golf equipment
Remodeling and decorating my apartment
Numerous work related interests

My latest interest is handguns. I have a burning desire for the perfect 45 automatic and the expert operation of same. Its been going on for about three weeks. It started with a little interest and has now turned into "My Current Quest". I wonder how long this will last.

Problems I am encountering are finding the right one refereed to above, a lot of out of stock and back ordered prospects, a very short supply of ammunition, a place to practice, time to practice and a touch of guilt over the realization of just what I'm posting about.

I think the problem is balance or short attention span or maybe I have just never found that one thing I can get good enough at to stick with.

FACT OR FICTION....Did Nancy Pelosi learn about the interrogation methods during the briefing session she attended? She says she did not. Others say she knew and was concerned if they were doing enough.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

America, Turn It Off

How can you know fact from fiction? Sometimes its easy because you know the truth. You have experienced the real thing. You saw it with your own eyes, felt it with your own hands, smelled it with your own nose(Carrrrool), or talked directly to the source. But too often we depend on what someone else tells us. And too often that is a variation of the truth or just an out and out lie.
It is really sad that we cant trust the people responsible for governing our country. We cant trust the people reporting the news. We cant trust people running the banks, corporations, non-profit organizations and on and on and on and on. They exaggerate, add to, hold back, mislead, and lie to further their agendas. They tell little white lies to protect their jobs, investments, or political parties. There are things that we don't need to know, but don't lie to me to conceal the truth or protect me from the truth or to further your interests. If you don't have a truth to tell, you got NOTHING of interest to me.
Once upon a time we could depend on most reporters of the news to tell us the truth I think. Today most will not. I'm not sure if they deliberately lie or if they just don't take the time to learn the truth. Maybe the truth is just not news worthy. Its not exciting, dynamic, attention getting. It doesn't agree with the popular opinion. It doesn't make them MONEY.

As for me, I'm going to turn them off.

So if you know the truth and think I should know, email, call, visit, fax, or send it by pony express.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

All of the guys in the upper right hand corner would already have settled the Somali pirate hostage situation. Probably without harming the Captain. John Wayne would have had Navy Seals in the water around the Life Boat and when the Captain bailed they would have torched the "Bad Guys".

Any big City S.W.A.T. team would have resolved the situation by now. The team leaders know their jobs. They are well trained. They are results oriented. They are pretty much left alone to handle the events they encounter and they do the job. Do you think we have teams in the U.S. Navy who are trained to handle these situations? I wonder why they haven't put an end to the standoff? Must have their hands tied either by a politician who is afraid his record or approval rating may be tarnished or concern over the media portrayal of how it is handled.

I seem to remember the politician waiting on certain islamic religious periods to end before initiating an offensive in the Iraqi wars. (Not Bush) I wonder if the politician is waiting on the easter religious period to end before reacting. No wait... That cant be it because We are not a christian nation and so easter doesn't matter anyway. ( It really doesn't because Celebrating Christ and understanding what he did for his people is Everyday. The holiday is not important and meaningless to a believer, but what a slap in the face of every works based religionist.)

We have become so concerned over doing things right that we forget to do the right things. The pirates must be stopped. This cant continue. They will only understand death and injury and failure as deterrents. They have experienced the U.S. gov. lack of resolve already and probably are counting on us to blink first. We have to do the right thing. That thing that is principled, with broad based, long lasting results. As I say this however, another idea comes to mind. We might include the pirates in on the Stimulus package and then when the guy in charge of the life boat doesn't do what congress and the pres. wants they can replace the head bad guy with someone who would toe the line.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Apartment

The search for an apartment has culminated in an application and holding fee. I don't think any of us thought this day would come. We have talked about it, thought about it, dreamed about it and now it is almost here. March 29th Mason will be 18 and the apron strings come off.
He and his friend Arron have decided to move in to an apartment. They looked at several and have decided on one near where they work. It is a two bedroom two bath. According to them its features are a great pool, and free membership to Zach's health club. They each have their own beds but not much more furniture. Carol says they can get lawn chairs for their living room. Mason was planning on the Master bedroom because he was to move in first and pay the first months rent but during a meeting we requested with Arron he had other Ideas.

Mason asked us to co-sign for him which we thought would be OK. As we thought about it however it became apparent that we were actually co-signing for both he and Arron. This threw up some red flags and sense we had not met Arron we called a meeting so we could get acquainted with him and to review some issues we felt went with our involvement in the endeavor. Arron seems like a nice young man but kids can appear one way and act totally different when un -supervised. Our son may be that way also. We told them we would require one months rent in advance for our participation. We told them they would get the money back when we were no longer responsible for the lease. We told them that they would have ups and downs living together and that they needed to sit down and lay out the ground rules before hand. That's when the master bedroom issue came up. I don't know how they plan to handle it but after a few weeks it prob. wont be much of an issue.

It will be interesting as things develop.

Life goes on.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Paul Harvey

I read an article about Paul Harvey this morning. It's funny how when you hear his name you hear his voice in your mind. Your hearing him now aren't you? "And Now--------------------The rest of the Story". How does that work? I can do that same thing with most people I know very well. You think of a person or a situation (New York City) and your mind hears that voice or those sounds. I wonder what the purpose of that mind function is? I'm not sure it diminishes with time. My Grandmothers have been gone along time but I can hear them.
What a blessing.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I Really wanted this thing on the left side of the blog to work. What is wrong? Why wont it show the whole thing? Can anyone help me?

By the way Grana and I are going to be Grandparents for a second time. November or there abouts. Its about time.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Cowboy Hat

Check Spelling
I have been on a Hat quest. A western Hat. I want a lite colored, 4 inch crown, 3 inch brim, and shaped just right Hat.

I had my first cowboy hat when I was too young to remember. I know I had one because I have a picture with it on at about 4 years old. I like that hat. I had cowboy hats from time to time growing up. We couldn't afford them always but if there was a special occasion I would get one. Some I liked OK, some I didn't. There is a look that is right. It's got the right crown height, the brim is the right length and its creased right.

My roommate at Alpine had one that I really liked. He had another one he liked best and would let me wear the one I liked. I kind of think it was his brothers, not sure why he had it. I liked that hat.

A friend of mine, a bull rider, showed up one time with a white hat. It had a 4 inch brim, which was big at that time. The crown was shaped kind of boxy. It cost $100.00. I had to have one. I had a job by then and money so I got it. It was always dirty. I cant remember what happened to it. I guess I didn't like that hat very much.

We were going to rodeos in Iowa and Missouri and a younger kid got in and travelled with us for awhile. He had a straw hat that he didn't like and gave it to me. It was creased right, the price was sure right and I liked that hat.

I got a hat for Christmas one time I liked and wore it out.

I bought a black felt hat some time ago. I have cut the brim down twice and carried it to the store to reshape 5 or 6 times. Its close to what I like but just not quite right. I had not worn it much untill recently. I have been looking for a new dress hat for about 6 months. I just don't find the right one. I'm willing to pay a lot more for this one if its the right one. I'm working you know, and have a little extra money, and other than the White Hat, I have never really splurged on a hat. I keep looking and talking but just not finding it. I have thought if I got my black hat right I could get that look transferred to the new one but just not sure.

I was visiting a friend yesterday and had my black hat on. I took it off and put it on a bureau in his kitchen. When I was getting ready to leave he said he had noticed my hat and that it was a size 71/4. He said he had a lite colored hat that he didn't like and asked if I might want it. Well he brought it out and I did like it. It needed some shaping but I thought it sure had potential.
He said he had tried to sell it in a garage sale but he and a guy had haggled over the price and he just wouldn't take $5.00 for it. I asked if he wanted me to give him $5.00 and he said no.

I stopped in Vernon at a western store and had a young man shape the Hat. He did a good job but it lacked just a little something. I got up this morn. and put a pot of water on to boil so I could get steam and put the finishing touches on myself. I really like this Hat. It fits good, is the right crown height, brim length, color and now shape. I will use it as a work hat. But the best part is I can now take it to a store and tell the guy I want a new one just like this.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Tricky Lilly

Glenda, Im not sure what baited breath is but if it means stanky breath I should help Rudy out and write more often. Sorry Rudy.

Its neat to get these dogs to do tricks. I tried to get her to roll over and play dead for a long time without much success. Carol pulled up a little demo one day that showed how to lure them into the trick with a treat and it was pretty easy after that. I watch other peoples dogs do tricks and its cute but when my dog does one it is really special. Kind of like your kid doing something.

Carol is folding my laundry now and has discovered 2 socks without mates. How does that happen? I always take them off together and put them in the hamper. Everything then is dumped into the washer and transfered to the dryer. How does that happen?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sun City

I was fortunate enough to get to spend Wednesday thru Saturday last week in Phoenix.
The weather was great as you might expect this time of year. I wish I had the time and money to have played golf but not so. Lots of golf clubs at the airports though.

Before leaving I was worried I had lost my old leather jacket. I had looked in Amarillo and thought it might be in Gruver. Before coming home Tuesday I looked in Gruver but didn't find it. I was a little upset because I really liked that jacket. It was one Carol had worn a lot on the motorcycles and was developing a kind of worn look that I really liked. Before I left Wednesday I found it in Amarillo and decided to wear it to Phoenix. Well I will be darned if I didn't leave it in a cab in Phoenix and couldn't get anyone to admit finding it. I think I must have had a premonition.

I had a good time at the NCBA convention attending committee and board meetings and visiting with customers and suppliers. I ate at Morton's steak house 3 times. It was really good. George Bush Sr. was eating there the second time we went there. We sat next to the Secret Service guys.

I helped Carol this evening work on some employee documents at her office. Even though I did a very good Job She said she couldn't pay me. Maybe we can trade something for my labor.