Saturday, May 08, 2010

Make a difference

A lot going on around the World and our Country. Greece’s financial woes, Health Care, Bombs in NY City, Oil in the Gulf, Dow down 1000, Global warming, Cap and Trade, Immigration issues, floods in Tennessee. Wouldn’t you like to have the inside track on anyone of these and be able to see all the things involved, start to finish. There are lots of trains coming down the track. Makes a lot of difference if you’re on the train or standing on the track.
It’s easier to try to maintain the status quo or sit on the sidelines but I think its time to get in the game. Our country needs us more today to get involved, learn the issues, apply the common sense that our parents and grand parents taught us and start making a difference. It starts with deciding that your opinion matters. It starts with deciding you can make a difference. It starts with one vote here, one comment there, throwing your support in with other like minded folks, driving across town to support a cause you believe in, driving across the state to be counted with that group and maybe even finding yourself in the crowed at the Mall in D.C. It’s about more than sending $100.00 or $1000.00, even though that’s necessary, it’s about making your opinion known and felt and seen.
There are so many critical issues to be decided over the next few years its mind boggling.

Folks that will read this I know have the right answers. I know they are on the right side.

Get that “White Hat” out of the closet, get on Trigger, or Old Silver, wake up your sidekick and get started.

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