Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back from Ghana

My daughter, whom in my previous blog was off to Ghana, is now home from Ghana. There was much anticipation prior to her going. It seemed like she had plans of going for a long time. We talked several times and as the departure grew near our talks grew more frequent and the anticipation built. The day finale came as depicted below and she was off. Her adventure began.

She was in the middle of the experiences the challenges and even the trials. We were back in the comfort of these United States left only with our apprehensions and worries. Each day came and went and sometimes we got a glimpse of her status and experiences. The days sped by and they drug by but they passed never the less. The day came when the work was done, the play was over and she returned home. It seems now that it was not a long time from start to finish. For me I'm glad she is safely back in the U.S. Safely back in Austin and her home. I can't know what she feels but I guess she might feel that it was over too soon, and that for all the preparation, anticipation and the pure experience of it that it could have lasted longer. She only has memories and pictures and friendships made, while there, to remember the long anticipated experience and that may cause a little sorrow in the coming weeks.

Jocelyne, even though this experience has ended for you and you may regret it's brevity and dearly miss the doing of the experience, those people whose lives your team and you touched, healed and changed will never be the same. They will forever be better thanks to you all and your gift.

Thank you for going to Ghana.

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Jcce said...

Ah, Dad, that was beautifully put and describes quite accurately the way I am feeling right now. It is really hard to know that is over for now and won't ever be the same fresh experience it was this time. But, it is nice knowing that halfway across the world there are some people who know me as a friend and coworker and we do have some great shared experiences. Thanks for all your help!
love Joce