Friday, February 05, 2010

Off to Ghana

I went to Austin Thursday, the 4th, to see Jocelyne off to Ghana Africa. She has volunteered to serve on a heart team operating on residents of that area of Ghana. She will stay for about 3 weeks. She packed two bags to take along. One for her clothes and another full of 48 pounds of toys and supplies for orphans her team is supporting. The team was to take medical supplies or other items for the kids.

She was really excited about the opportunity but was a little apprehensive this morning prior to boarding her flight. It turns out her flight and route is the same used by the Christmas Bomber.

I assured her that she had better odds of winning the Lottery as their trying or succeeding in getting another fool on that same flight. As I write this this evening she has boarded the flight from Detroit to Amsterdam. 8 hrs. flight time. She lays over 6 hours and then flys an additional 8 hrs to Accra Ghana.

She will have a great time. She is supposed to keep her blog going and that should be interesting.

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